Who are we ?

Green Light is an umpteenth website dedicated to the 7th art, but attended by a vigilant and affable community in which you have a role to play! Simple interface with no advertising. Innovative statistics and features. The ideal place to keep up to date a detailed log of your film journey. We wish you a real pleasure to discover here the world of cinema or to feed your already existing passion for this timeless media.

Ethics and politics

Cinema obviously leads to all kinds of subjects, your freedom of speech is guaranteed everywhere on this platform. We’ll never interfere with your tastes / choices and let everyone exercise their own discernment regarding the infinite possibilities offered. Nevertheless, we’ll prefer to take a stand against the growing opportunistic insanity of the industry by allowing ourselves to exclude some movies deemed excessive in these types of content: extreme explicit violence, explicit sexuality, real animal cruelty while filming.
For those who disagree with our policies and values, you’re invited to discuss them cordially in the following section : Forum.

Good to know

Badges : Obtain badges by the achievement of certain objectives. When a member manages to complete all 7 different missions, he reaches the Veteran level.

Condensed Reviews : All limited to 150 characters, allowing a more spontaneous and attractive reading of different points of view. You can always improve your idea in the comments below. The reviews and comments are at any time re-editable.

Database : More than 25,000 movies to explore, evaluate, review, discuss.

Forum : The forum is not linked to the usual site notifications. A system of subscription to the various forums will allow you to follow the desired discussions.

Frequent words : Appearing during the writing of a film review, this group of words is a tool used primarily to encourage a certain lexical variety, reducing redundancies. You are free to avoid or not these words, depending on your desire for creativity.

Gems : Gradual selection of 5 personal favorites for which you’ll be the unique and official representative, your name will appear beside the title on the film page. You only need to write 50 reviews. With each new slice of 50 reviews you’ll get the right to pick one more film to constitute your exclusive selection.

Like and dislike buttons : We believe it’s important to be able to indicate disagreement with any reviews. But to prevent it from becoming abuse or harassment, our system limits your number of “dislikes” distributed to the same person so that it can never exceed by more than one your number of “likes” distributed to this same person. This forces us to look for agreements with someone before jumping on disagreements.

Lists : For compulsive list creators, you won’t be left behind. First of all, there are the filmography pages, accessible via the “Zoom In” tab, which offer the possibility to produce a multitude of ‘Top’ style lists of your favorite artists. The other option is of course the Forum where it will be easy for you to share your lists with the rest of the community for discussion and debate.

Match : Feature that not only analyzes your film compatibility with each member but will also give you their personalized movie suggestions.

Ratings : Here’s an approximate equivalence if you’re used to rate movies on 5 stars.

7 ⇔ 5

6 ⇔ 4.5

5 ⇔ 4

4 ⇔ 3,5

3 ⇔ 3

2 ⇔ 2

1 ⇔ 1

0 ⇔ 0 or 0,5

Subscriptions / Subscribers : With the purpose of following more closely a few members of your choice, to prevent this option from becoming obsolete, a limit of 10 subscriptions per user has been determined. Limit that can be revised upwards according to the density of the community. Your number of subscribers will however remain unlimited.

Synopsis : We don’t display any synopsis because we find that they untimely reveal too many elements of the film and partly spoil the pleasure of the viewer.

Targeted : This means that the movie is now on your agenda after clicking “Put on the agenda”. Every movie that you have in sight will be found on your profile page.

Account deletion : If this is really your intention, notify us via the “contact” section at the bottom of the page. Mention us also if you want to get a backup of your reviews that we will send you by email.