Welcome to the Movie Hive !

This little game is partly inspired by the movie 'Cube' of 1997 so if you've seen it you won't be too disoriented.

You're waking up in a hexagonal room, itself in the middle of a multitude of other identical rooms. You'll have to move from one room to another to reach one of the four corners and get out of this evil maze. Each room's edge is a door to the adjacent hexagon. Only the doors between two movies you have seen are unlocked. But your route won't be so easy, each of the rooms contains a danger, directly coming from the world of cinema. The only way to neutralize this danger is to identify it or identify the movie where it comes from. When the danger is gone, the room is so-called secure, you can continue your journey. If you do not succeed, the game is over, this strange place will become your tomb...

Do you have the necessary cinephilic knowledge to get out of it? Take 5 minutes to do the test! !