The power of an image is to suspend time. The power of cinema is to animate this suspension.

...about Ant-Man and the Wasp (2018)

"Without surprises but full of ideas, a classic and friendly Marvel. Pure Antertain-Man."

3 October 2019

...about Black Panther (2018)no rating

"A superhero movie not too rotten that changes the usual crap, even if it's a tad naive and outdated, at least it's exotic."

3 October 2019

...about The Commuter (2018)no rating

"A good management of suspense and timing, pleasant action movie despite some inconsistencies."

2 October 2019

...about Ocean’s 8 (2018)

"The numerous references to Soderbergh's films only highlight the difference in quality."

2 October 2019

...about Aquaman (2018)no rating

"20 000 leagues under my expectations."

2 October 2019

...about The Equalizer 2 (2018)

"One of those films that spend half of the time making promises and the other half not keeping them."

2 October 2019

...about Paul, Apostle of Christ (2018)

"Skilful dive in the Rome of the first centuries with a sublime directing: a moving film very well interpreted."

2 October 2019

...about Close (2019)

"Big lack of amplitude and tension for this unflavored thriller of which only the performance of Noomi Rapace stands out."

2 October 2019

...about Free Solo (2018)

"Very clean visually and exciting in what it proposes, a reflection on itself and the follow-up of a rather selfish acrobat."

2 October 2019 +1

...about Men in Black : International (2019)

"Perfectly innocuous, the film gives the impression of being bored as much as the spectator: it self-flashes continuously to forget its existence."

2 October 2019 +1

...about Tomb Raider (2018)

"Vikander embodies much better the budding adventurer than A. Jolie. Too bad that the action is poorly filmed and almost illegible."

2 October 2019

...about Yesterday (2019)

"An original idea for a frustrating result... But a nice tribute to The Beatles and their generous legacy."

2 October 2019

...about Welcome to Marwen (2018)

"The film ruins his formal mastery with a screenplay of only apparent complexity, unrolled with inexplicable platitude."

1 October 2019

...about The Meg (2018)

"Nothing new under the ocean but it casually fulfills the specifications of a summer blockbuster."

1 October 2019 +1

...about Dumbo (2019)

"Dumbo Unchained."

1 October 2019 +1

...about Mission: Impossible, Fallout (2018)

"Action movie where the spectacular is omnipresent. But beware, overdoing it could make it turn into Fast & Furious."

1 October 2019

...about The Aftermath (2019)

"A beautiful romantic drama exposing the repercussions of the war through the story of a broken couple: to overcome the mourning and restart."

1 October 2019 +1

...about First Man (2018)

"Passion that turns into death drive, Chazelle doesn't film a feat but a suicide, to join the missing in the lunar styx."

1 October 2019

...about Aladdin (2019)

"Fade copy/paste. The prince of Bel-Air outclasses the one of Ababwa, digital and Jafar graze indigence. To despise."

1 October 2019 +1

...about The Mule (2018)

"Clint echoes the ephemeris of forgiveness, without rage or anger."

1 October 2019

...about Le cercle rouge (1970)

"Infernal cycle and earth of men, chiselled, washed, reduced to essences, struck with the seal of silence, golden and hallucinated. Deadly lurching."

1 October 2019 +1

...about Jurassic World : Fallen Kingdom (2018)

"Virtuoso behind the camera, Bayona is carried by an unbalanced script. The director's world brings a lot to the mythology."

26 July 2019 +1

...about Glass (2019)

"Big mistake, pachydermic writing, visually dull, musically inept (please bring back James Newton Howard!). Sadness."

26 July 2019

...about Captain Marvel (2019)

"That's it Marvel finally has his shitty movie with a woman as hero, it was about time."

26 July 2019 +3

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